Pow! Bang! Whoosh!

Background illustrations for our GREENSCREEN Ultimate Superheros movie! Air + Water Pollution Fighters!


Anchors Away!

901 Arts youth explored the effects of throwing trash into the storm water drains. In response, students used recyclable/recycled materials to create rafts, whose flags held up inspiring messages about the importance of clean water.

From Hill Street to West Maredpally: Good Job!

Hill Street Boys Government High School responds to the videos of West Maredpally Girls Government High School.

“I liked seeing the pictures you took of the pollution in the drainage in front of your school. I liked the video of the water tanker truck going to your school.”
– Naveen

“I liked the video. In this video there is a pond and chemicals go in the water. One girl stopped the industry.”
– Bala Krishna

“These videos are very nice. I liked the animals in the video. You are the best actors.”
– Sri Lekha

“This video is about water pollution. This video is very nice. It was made at a government school, it is very good. TMS is the best class!”
– Tharun Raj + Ravindra

 (translated by students at West Maredpally)

Questions for Hyderabad!

Thanks for looking at our drawings and making comments!
We have some questions for you:

*When you get water from the trucks, is it HOT or COLD? Is the water in your school clean? Do you use wash cloths or a scrubber? –Jaylin

*The way that we use water is we use a sink where most of our water comes from that we drink. Same thing happens to us our water gets polluted too. The way that we wash our animals is through a hose. A hose is a long tube where the water goes. -Taleah

*I have this water fountain in my school and the water is very cold. Do you have one in your school? -Myel

*My name is Jaida and how I use water is from a refrigerator and if you have one at home you can ask and use one. And do you have water bottles at your school? -Jaida

*How do you wash your animals? -Deaisia

*I want to know how you use your money and your water. -Jordan

*Do you use water to use the bathroom? -Kamera

*How do you wash your hair? -Sire

*I can use water in my school -Makel

*Do your pets get sick from the water? -Sir’e


Taking Responsibility For Our Community (Ep. 4)

In this last video, the students chose to explore their own neighborhood and document its water problems. . . first and formost, the garbage that is dumped everywhere, by everyone. The voiceover accompanying these photos was written in the first days of this project, but was re-written and re-written as new ideas were discovered. And as a teaser. . . the images of the trash-filled drainage right outside the school and the final line: “so it is the responsibility of every citizen to keep the water clean and live a healthy life” leads directly into our next Words Hold Water production. . .


Petitioning Local Government (Ep. 3)

These students are great actors, so we could hardly get through another episode without a chance for them to shine. Who had been left out of the round-up so far? ANIMALS! They are in danger from water pollution as much as anybody. This skit is also an opportunity for the Hyderabadi kids to teach the Americans how local government works at the village level.